Water and Irrigation

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Your farm needs water all year round despite its scarcity

The need to save water is increasing dramatically worldwide. All sectors are looking for reliable and affordable tank systems for the storage of, among other things, drinking water, waste water, irrigation water, manure, seawater and sludge. Below are some of the types of irrigation our products support.

Spray irrigation

Spray irrigation, is make the water through the sprinkler spray into the air. Then failed into the field as rain. Spray irrigation system normally include the water sourcing, the head control system, the pipe lines, and sprinklers. Have the advantage, saving water, saving labor, not break the soil structure, can be used for different topography

Drip irrigation

Drip irrigation is a method use the special pipe lines, and make the water and fertilizer drop in to the soil near the root of plants. The advantage of this method is saving water, saving labor, saving fertilizer, make the soil in good condition do not break it. The drip irrigation system, normally include the water sourcing, the filter and fertilizer system, the pipe lines and the emitters.

Garden irrigation

The garden irrigation system, normally include the drip irrigation system and spray irrigation system, the characteristic of garden irrigation is small area, and automatically. Then a garden irrigation system will help you make the watering easily. Normally the garden irrigation system includes the water timer, pipelines, and sprinkler. We also supply the DIY kits for you installed the irrigation system yourself. So you can make the irrigation system accordingly.

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