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Background information

Since 1995, BUCON has been active in developing countries to transform the knowledge and expertise developed in the Netherlands in the field of water storage, water treatment, irrigation, sanitation and prefabricated concrete construction into affordable, reliable and sustainable solutions.

BUCON strives for mutual advantage and encourages entrepreneurship and employment, thereby offering people more economic independence, humane living conditions and perspective for the future products support.


Profiled metal sheets have been developed that can be used as building elements for a wide variety of water-related processes and solutions such as water storage tanks, drinking water purification, waste water treatment, irrigation, water towers, water stations, biogas, etc. All systems are supplied as Do-It-Yourself packages.

Housing Solutions

In view of the enormous worldwide demand for housing, we have improved and optimized our building element. With our special metal benders, we can produce square and rectangular corner panels, allowing us to assemble smart and affordable housing constructions in a few days. This new technology enables us to produce large quantities of homes in a self-build package in various models for worldwide distribution. We are then able to offer almost anyone the possibility of living in a house that will drastically improve their living conditions. Our modular construction systems allow us to solve many problems in developing countries in a sustainable and affordable way, as well as offering the benefit of creating significantly more employment through our self-build package system.

Water storage

The need to save water is increasing dramatically worldwide. All sectors are looking for reliable and affordable tank systems for the storage of, among other things, drinking water, waste water, irrigation water, manure, seawater and sludge. Our modularly built corrugated steel tanks offer the solution. Bucon Industries has implemented ground-breaking innovations on a well-known concept and can offer the best and cheapest solution.

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