Recirculating Aquaculture System

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Irriwise Solutions

Irriwise Solutions Ltd is making its contribution to increase proteins on the table of many through the revolutionary Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) which is the first one in Kenya and East Africa. The project will produce tons of different types of fish and crustaceans such as shrimps on controlled environment using highly proven scientific expertise.

Why RAS?

RAS aquaculture affords basic, logical occasions to augment sustainable implementation promoting essential human nutritional sustenance, health and overall well-being and to provide rewarding employment opportunities. The challenge is to empower people to feed themselves and create jobs beneficial to the local population and economic stimuli to regional industrial sectors. Economies are initiated by ideas. An old saying states that “teaching a man to fish is better than giving him a fish”. Expanding this we envision innovative mechanisms instigating intense commercial aquaculture production inducing abundant fodder for native peoples likewise evolving to prospective economic stabilization and potential to exploit favorable export niche markets.

Considering its intricacies, we realize that RAS is logical, accelerative and momentous. Capital expenditures are mitigated with economies of scale. RAS is convincingly the most logical and sustainable opportunity we have to radically address famine conditions. We can deliver nutritious sustenance through intensive, practical production methodology. The ability to produce offspring in large numbers (fecundity) is a natural phenomenon in multiple marine and freshwater finfish and shellfish species. Efficient feeding and plant management is imperative

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