Agriculture not only gives riches to you, but the only riches you can call your own

A little About Us

IRRIWISE SOLUTIONS LTD is a climate smart solutions provider in areas of Sustainable crop production intensification, Precision farming technologies and Water solutions/applications for agricultural and domestic use...

Modern Solutions

Irriwise Solutions Kenya offers a wide variety of agricultural solutions.

  1. Pipes
  2. Solar
  3. Irrigation
  4. Pumps
  5. Storage
  6. Irrigation

Our Objectives

Farmers are our number one priority therefore we came up objectives with them in mind and are as follows:

  • To listen, research, adopt and recommend innovate climate smart solutions for profitability and sustainability
  • To supply, install and provide technical training on climate smart irrigation systems and technologies.
  • To be a knowledge and systems supplier for dairy farming
  • Provide innovative housing solutions

Expect From Us

Farm Machinery

We have state of the art agricultural machinery that will suit your agricultural needs, save your time and yield more

Best Customer Services

We love our customers. Apart from sales we offer the after sales services, installation and calibration of the farm equipment you've purchased.

Storage and Housing

You need somewhere to store your produce and equipment. We offer solutions for easy to assemble houses in your farm at affordable costs.

Renewable Energy

The grid may be unreliable or not accessible from your farm. That's why we offer solar and wind energy equipment for farms.

Success becomes youur new normal when you give us the chance to renovate your farm.

Our Partners

Our Products/Services
Here are some of our products and services


We have all types and sizes off nozzles that suits your needs


Our trenching tractors are equipped to the required standards and are fast performers.

Drip Irrigation

Use less water and get more yield by using our drip irrigation system


We have all types and sized of pipes or all farm sizes


We have tractors, harvesters and all farm machineries to enhance your productivity.


We install various irrigation systems, renewable energy systems and storage systems.

High & Quality Yields

Irriwise Solutions offer state o the art agricultural solutions that adhere to high quality standards and safety measures. With our systems and equipment you can save on time, water and money while expecting very high yields and profit margins.

Healthy Produce

Irriwise Solutions helps you to focus on quality.

More Yield

Our irrigation systems are calibrated to suit your crops' water needs.

Water Storage

Irriwise solutions water tanks are durable and scalable.

Farm House

We offer prefab house modules for your farm.

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