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Background information

The general products include the filter system, fertilizer injection system, PE pipe, PE flat hose and fittings for build a whole irrigation system used. They are the general products for drip irrigation system, spray irrigation system and garden irrigation system.

Filter system

The filter system is very import for a micro irrigation system. It can improve the water quality, more clean water, make the system more long working life.

Fertilizer injection

Fertilizer injection system is normally used in drip irrigation system, it makes the fertilizer and water together to the crop root. Easy installation and easy use, saving time and labor.

PE pipe

The PE pipe made from the PE materials, used as the water transport main and sub main pipe in the drip irrigation and spray irrigation system. No smell, long working life, easy installation. With thin wall thickness we make the hose fold, for saving materials cost and delivery cost.

Pipe fittings

The pipe fittings is normally used for connect the whole irrigation system. That include coupling, Tee, elbow, reducer, saddle, end cap and so on.

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