Drip Irrigation

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Background information

Drip irrigation is a method that use the special pipe lines, and make the water and fertilizer drop in to the soil near the root of plants. The advantage of this method is saving water, saving labor, saving fertilizer, make the soil in good condition do not break it. The drip irrigation system, normally include the water sourcing, the filter and fertilizer system, the pipelines and the emitters.

Some Benefits

Healthy Crops - With drip irrigation the water penetrates the soil slowly and reach to the roots in the place hence reducing plants' stress in finding water.

Saves Water - Drip irrigation put water exactly where the crop needs it and in the right amount hence water wastage is reduced.

Saves money - Since drip irrigation uses very little water, it will save you on water related bills.

Weed Control - Drip irrigation places water on crops roots hence do not flood the soil to encourage weed growth.

Reduced risk of disease - Unlike overhead sprinklers, drip irrigation keeps the foliage dry, thus reducing the incidence of powdery mildew and other diseases that occur in damp conditions.

Environmentally friendly - Drip irrigation leads to very little runoff hence less erosion.

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